Planning Documents

Alpine County and its partners have created a number of planning document to outline wildfire risks and mitigation projects to address those risks. 

Community Wildfire Protection Plan (CWPP)

This document was first drafted in 2005 and most recently updated in 2018. It outlines risks and projects around many of the communities in Alpine County. It is the basis for many grant project applications. The CWPP is going through an update process in the coming months and the planning process will incorporate public comment.

2018 Community Wildfire Protection Plan

Wildfire Risk Mitigation Plan (WRMP)

This document was finalized in February of 2021. It includes a specific list of detailed mitigation projects across Alpine County. It includes not only the planning document but also a Mitigated Negative Declaration document for CEQA compliance. 

2021 Wildfire Risk Mitigation Plan

2021 Wildfire Risk Mitigation Plan Mitigated Negative Declaration