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Taxpayer's Remedies

Since any increase or decrease in assessed value will impact the amount of taxes you pay, it is very important to contact the Assessor's Office if you feel that the assessed value differs from the market value of your property. We welcome the opportunity to review any information you may have relating to the value of your property. If you have any questions concerning the valuation, please call the Assessor's Office. 

If, after talking with the Assessor's Office, a difference of opinion on value still exists, you can appeal to the Assessment Appeals Board (AAB) between July 2 and November 30, or within 60 days of the notice date in the case of an escape assessment or a supplemental assessment. To obtain an Application for Changed Assessment, contact the Alpine County Clerk (Alpine County Board of Equalization) at, 99 Water Street, CA or telephone 530-694-2281.

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