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2020 Wildfire Risk Mitigation Plan

Fuels reduction projects to reduce the risk of wildland fire are a high priority in Alpine County and several have been undertaken or are ongoing, including neighborhood fire breaks and larger scale fuels reduction projects on federal lands. Approximately 1,780 residential units are located in Alpine County; over 1,200 of these are in high or very high wildfire hazard severity zones.

Alpine County is preparing a Wildfire Risk Mitigation Plan (WRMP or plan), under a Fire Prevention Grant received from the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection (CAL FIRE). The purpose of the WRMP is to enable the County to implement activities that address the risk of wildfire and that can reduce wildfires that could impact communities.

Upcoming Public Workshops

The County is holding a public workshop on April 28th to present the results of the planning effort and the priority projects defined in the WRMP. This workshop will be held online via Zoom. Attendees will be able to view the presentation and participate in the workshop on a computer, tablet, or mobile device. Attendees can also dial into the workshop and listen on a telephone or mobile device through the assigned conference call phone number. Please note that a few additional safeguards have been employed for this workshop for security purposes, including a required meeting password and waiting room. Tips for how to attend the workshops using Zoom are available below.

Workshop Date & Time

April 28, 2020   5:00 PM – 7:00 PM

Attend Online and/or By Phone

Zoom Meeting Link:

Meeting ID: 418-731-439

Password: fireplan

Phone Number: (669) 900 9128

Workshop #2 Presentation Slides (10 MB)

Tips for Zoom Meeting Access

Check your computer’s bandwidth and operating system capabilities to make sure they meet the Zoom requirements prior to the workshop date. Bandwidth and platform requirements are available here: Before joining the Zoom meeting on a computer, tablet, or mobile device, attendees can download the free Zoom application from:

For troubleshooting issues, please visit:

After downloading the Zoom application, click the Zoom meeting link and enter the password provided above to join the workshop. You will be placed in a virtual waiting room until the workshop begins and the Administrator admits you into the meeting. Once you've been launched into the workshop, you will able to view the presenter’s screen and hear the presentation audio. Please note that all attendees’ microphones will be muted during the workshop. Questions may be typed into the chat box at any point throughout the presentation. The presenters may manually unmute attendees’ microphones to ask questions orally. Please direct any questions or concerns about accessing the workshop to: .

Past Workshops

The County held two workshops in February to introduce the public to the need for the WRMP, areas of wildfire risk, and how the WRMP is being developed. The February workshops included two meetings, one in Markleeville and one in Bear Valley. The meeting materials and presentation from the February workshops are provided below.

Workshop #1 Agenda


WRMP Information Sheet

PowerPoint Presentation (71 MB)

Poster 1 - Fuel Management (3 MB) Methods and Equipment (3 MB)

Poster 2 - Alpine County Wildfire Hazard (10 MB)

Poster 3 - WRMP Development Flowchart


January 2020

Review existing plans and projects, identify fire risk areas and assets to protect, begin public outreach activities and obtain stakeholder input.

February 25-26

Public Workshop #1: Two workshops/meetings to introduce the public to the WRMP and collect input.

Early April 2020

Public Workshop #2: Workshop/meeting to present results of the planning effort and three priority projects.

Spring-Summer 2020

Create Wildfire Risk Mitigation Plan.

Fall-Winter 2020

CEQA review and draft Initial Study/Mitigated Negative Declaration (IS/MND).

January 2021

CEQA Meeting: Inform the public of key issues and impacts identified during environmental review of the WRMP.

March 2021

County to consider approving the WRMP and allow implementation of the plan to begin.

Email List
Please provide your Name, Email, and ZIP Code to the Department to be added to an email list to receive information about public meetings and opportunities to provide input.

Please send any comments or questions on the WPMP to: