Responsibilities of County Superintendents of Schools

California Education Code specifies statutory duties of county superintendents. These duties include, but are not limited to:

  • Maintain fiscal oversight of the district and schools and report on fiscal solvency
  • Examine each school for adherence to legal requirements
  • Ensure laws, reports, and instructions are given to all schools
  • Keep records and reports
  • Enforce courses of study
  • Enforce the use of state approved instructional materials
  • Submit reports to the county board of education
  • Follow directives from the California Superintendent of Public Instruction


The Alpine County Superintendent of Schools administers several programs, including:

  • The Alpine County Unified School District
  • The Opportunity School
  • The Learning Center and Early Learning Center


Alpine County is a combined Office of Education and Unified School District. We have four schools, allowing specialized programming for students. We encourage family and community involvement in our schools and are proud of many collaborative and outreach projects.

Our largest school, Diamond Valley, has received recognition as a California Distinguished School three times in a row. Our Community Day School and Opportunity School offer educational options for students needing more individualized support. Alpine County is a wonderful place to live, learn, and play.

Please see the following link for minutes, agnedas and more information.