2020 Wildfire Risk Mitigation Plan

SNC Immediate Action grant - Letter of Intent

The County is seeking grant funding to implement the WRMP priority projects.  If you live in the priority project areas of Bear Valley, Markleevillage, or Manzanita please complete a Letter of Intent and return it to the Department by Friday, May 7.

Via Online Form

 Download, scan, and email to zwood@alpinecountyca.gov

 Mail to 50 Diamond Valley Rd, Markleeville, CA 96120 or return to drop boxes at County offices  

Final Wildfire Risk Mitigation Plan

Wildfire Risk Mitigation Plan - 15 MB

Initial Study and Mitigated Negative Declaration Vol. 1 17 MB

Initial Study and Mitigated Negative Declaration Vol. 2  15 MB

PDF Map of project areas

Frequently asked questions

Past Workshops

The County held two workshops in April and February to introduce the public to the need for the WRMP, areas of wildfire risk, and how the WRMP is being developed. The February workshops included two meetings, one in Markleeville and one in Bear Valley. The meeting materials and presentation from the February workshops are provided below.

Workshop #2 Presentation
Workshop #1 Agenda


WRMP Information Sheet

PowerPoint Presentation (71 MB)

Poster 1 - Fuel Management (3 MB) Methods and Equipment (3 MB)

Poster 2 - Alpine County Wildfire Hazard (10 MB)

Poster 3 - WRMP Development Flowchart


January 2020

Review existing plans and projects, identify fire risk areas and assets to protect, begin public outreach activities and obtain stakeholder input.

February 25-26

Public Workshop #1: Two workshops/meetings to introduce the public to the WRMP and collect input.

Early April 2020

Public Workshop #2: Workshop/meeting to present results of the planning effort and three priority projects.

Spring-Summer 2020

Create Wildfire Risk Mitigation Plan.

Fall-Winter 2020

CEQA review and draft Initial Study/Mitigated Negative Declaration (IS/MND).

January 2021

CEQA Meeting: Inform the public of key issues and impacts identified during environmental review of the WRMP.

March 2021

County to consider approving the WRMP and allow implementation of the plan to begin.

Email List

Please provide your Name, Email, and ZIP Code to the Department to be added to an email list to receive information about public meetings and opportunities to provide input.

Please send any comments or questions on the WPMP to: zwood@alpinecountyca.gov