Planning and Development Information Guide

This information guide is intended to assist applicants in submitting planning and development applications to the Planning Division.  For any questions, please contact the Planning Division staff. 

 The information guide includes the following topics: 

  1. Application Review & Determination of Complete Application 
  2. Planning and Development Applications 
  3. Site Plan and Plan Set Submittal Requirements
  4. Planning Division Submittal Requirements and Application Review Process.


A. Application Review & Determination of Complete Application

The Planning Division will review the applications for completeness and will also determine the level of environmental review required.  If the application is incomplete, staff will inform the applicant in writing of the missing items that need to be submitted. Applications must be submitted through the submittal portal on the Community Development web page, additional documents may be attached to the application throughout the process. Applications are processed in the order they are received. 

B. Planning and Development Applications 

Certificates of Compliance

A Certificate of Compliance provides a determination by Alpine County that the property complies with the California Subdivision Map Act (66499.35(a)) and County Code.  A certificate of compliance confirms the legality of a parcel, but does not automatically mean that the parcel is developable.  Any property would still be required to meet the development regulations of Alpine County in relation to environmental health, building, and zoning. If a local agency determines that the parcel was created, but was not in compliance with the Subdivision Map Act or local ordinances, a conditional certificate of compliance will be issued. 

Conditional Use Permit (18.76)

Conditional Use Permits are discretionary permits issued by the Alpine County Planning Commission for any uses listed as conditional within the different Alpine County Zoning Districts.  The Planning Commission must determine that the proposed use can meet the following findings:

  1. That the proposed location of the project and the conditions under which it would be operated or maintained will not be detrimental to the health, safety, or welfare of persons residing or working in the neighborhood or the general public, or be materially injurious to properties or improvements in the vicinity.
  2.  That the proposed location of the project and the conditions under which it would be operated or maintained will be consistent with all pertinent county ordinances and the purpose of the zone district in which the site is located. 
  3.  That the proposed use is consistent with all elements of the county General Plan and with any specific plan which has been adopted for the area. 
  4. That the proposed use will not overload utilities and will not generate more than the acceptable level of traffic on the streets in the vicinity.
  5. That the proposed project will complement and harmonize with the existing and proposed land uses in the vicinity and will be compatible with the physical design aspects, land use intensities and dwelling unit densities of the neighborhood.

A notice of such public hearing shall be given at least ten days in advance by mail or delivery to all persons, including businesses, corporations or other public or private entities, shown on the latest equalized assessment roles as owning real property within three hundred feet of the property which is the subject of the proposed use permit

ℹ- Alpine County Code 18.76 - Use Permits

County Code Amendment

Code amendments, which involve changes to zoning regulations and/or changes to the zoning district boundaries requires a public hearing before the Planning Commission and a recommendation to the Board of Supervisors.  Code amendments are legislative acts and require approval of an ordinance by the Board of Supervisors.

General Plan Amendment

The Alpine County General Plan can be amended following a recommendation by the Planning Commission and approval of the amendment by the Board of Supervisors.  General Plan Amendments can include updates of existing General Plan Elements, such as the Land Use Element, or else the adoption of new General Plan Elements.  General Plan Amendments are adopted by resolution of the Board of Supervisors. 

Lot Line Adjustment

A lot line adjustment is a request to modify the boundaries of adjoining lots or parcels where the result does not increase the number of parcels and involves less than 4 parcels.  Lot line adjustments must comply with current County building and zoning codes, require that property taxes be paid, and facilitate the relocation of existing utilities, infrastructure and easements.  A record of survey will be required if the lot line adjustment requires the setting of new survey points as provided in Section 8762 of the State of California Business and  Professions Code.
ℹ - Alpine County Code 17.06.050- Lot Line Adjustment Maps

Parcel Merger (17.14.040)

A parcel merger or lot merger involves combining two separate and distinct parcels owned by the same owner into one parcel.  Parcel mergers are processed by the Planning Division with review by the Alpine County Surveyor.

Markleeville Design Review

Markleeville Design Review Permits are required for certain types of projects located within the Markleeville Townsite.  The Markleeville Design Review Committee is responsible for reviewing and approving projects to determine compliance with County Code Chapter 18.56 and the adopted Markleeville Design Guidelines. 

Record of Survey

A record of survey is required if a lot line adjustment requires the setting of new survey points. 

Residential Short-Term Rental

A residential short-term rental permit is required for property owners who wish to rent their residential properties for less than 30 days.  For properties on the East Slope of Alpine County, the number of short term rental property shall not exceed 35 and new short-term rentals must be outside the 100 foot buffer area.
ℹ - Alpine County Code- Residential Short Term Rentals


Sign permits are required unless exempt from the regulations contained in Chapter 18.74.  The Alpine County sign regulations include specific criteria for Bear Valley, and the Markleeville Historic District zone.  There is a separate sign ordinance for Kirkwood.
ℹ - Alpine County Code 18.74 - Sign Regulations
ℹ- Alpine County Code 15.08 - Signs- Kirkwood Area Regulations

Special Event

A Special Event Permit is required for any event that involves a group of 75 or more people, either as participants for sponsors.  Events that take place within County facilities and which do not exceed the normal capacity of the facility do not require a special event permit. A building safety inspection may apply to Special Events with structural facilities such as tents, stages.

75-500 Participants: A complete application must be filed with the Planning Department at least 14 days prior to the event. If possible, the Planning Department recommends that the application be filed three to four weeks prior to the event. Decisions made by the Planning Director to approve, approve with conditions or deny the special event permit may be appealed to the Alpine County Planning Commission as provided in Alpine County Code Section 18.88.

 501+ Participants: A complete application must be filed at least 60 days prior to the date of the event. If environmental review is necessary additional time for review will be required. Applicants for events with over 501 participants should contact the Planning Department two to three months in advance of the event date to determine the required review time and potential public hearing dates. Following the public hearing, the Planning Commission may approve, approve with conditions or deny the application. The decision of the Planning Commission may be appealed to the Alpine County Board of Supervisors as provided in Alpine County Code Section 18.88. 

ℹ-For Information on Renting County Facilities, including applications.

Tentative Parcel Map

A tentative parcel map involves a land division of four parcels or less.  Tentative parcel maps are required to comply with the California Subdivision Map Act and County Code.  A tentative parcel map is valid for 24 months with an extension of 12 months if approved by the Community Development Department.  The final parcel map must be filed prior to expiration of the tentative parcel map.  A tentative parcel map of 2 lots is reviewed at the staff level.  A tentative parcel map more involving more than two parcels requires a public hearing before the Planning Commission.
ℹ - Alpine County Code 17 - Subdivisions 

Tentative Subdivision Map (17.06)

A tentative subdivision map is required for all land divisions of five or more parcels.  The application shall be submitted to the Planning Commission for a public hearing.  The Planning Commission will provide a recommendation to the Board of Supervisors based on meeting the following findings: 

  1. That the proposed subdivision, together with the provisions for its design and improvement (unless a design or improvement modification is granted) is consistent with the general plan, the subdivision improvement standards and any applicable specific plan; and 
  2. That the proposed subdivision requires that the board of supervisors impose reasonable conditions to be fulfilled by the applicant in order to mitigate the impacts of said development and may impose development fees as a condition of the approval.  Payment of these fees is typically deferred to be paid at a later date, i.e., at the time of map recordation or at issuance of a building permit.  However, developer may pay these earlier.  These fees whenever paid shall be made at a rate in effect at the time of payment.
  3. Except for condominium conversion projects where no new structures are added, that the design of the proposed subdivision provides, to the extent feasible, for future passive or natural heating or cooling opportunities in the subdivision, as described in the State Subdivision Map Act and any guidelines promulgated by the county board of supervisors.

    ℹ - Alpine County Code 17 - Subdivisions 

Variance (18.80)

A variance is a request to modify zoning standards applicable to the construction of a structure on a lot.  Alpine County permits variance applications for area, height, yard, and space requirements.  The application must address the variance findings: 

  1. That because of special circumstances applicable to the property, including size, shape, topography, location, or surroundings, the strict application of the zoning ordinance deprives such property of privileges enjoyed by other property in the vicinity and under the identical zoning classification.
  2. That the granting of the variance will be in harmony with the general intent and purpose of the zoning objectives and will not be materially detrimental to public health, safety or welfare or injurious to property or improvements in the vicinity.
  3. That the granting of such variances shall not constitute a grant of special privileges inconsistent with the limitations upon other properties in the vicinity and zone in which such is situated. 

C. Site Plan and Plan Set Requirements

The Planning Division will require either a site plan or else a plan set depending on the type of application submitted.

A. Site Plan Requirements

  1. Title Block with Address, Assessor Parcel Map, and Owner information.
  2.  Vicinity Map
  3. Project Description
  4. Existing and Proposed Zoning
  5. Property Dimensions
  6. Required and proposed property setbacks
  7. Existing and proposed parking areas
  8. Acreage of Existing and Resulting Lots
  9. Location of existing and proposed property boundaries 
  10. Location of all existing and proposed buildings, structures, and improvements 
  11. Cross slope for primary building
  12. Floodplain boundaries 
  13. Existing topography at 2’ intervals
  14. Grade of proposed road improvements 
  15. Proposed grading plan 
  16. Excavation depth 
  17. Trees to be removed and/or proposed landscaping 1
  18. Location of all recorded easements

 B. Plan Set Requirements 

  1. Site Plan (described above)
  2.  Elevations
  3. Colors and Materials 
  4. Building Height
  5. Lighting Fixtures 
  6. Floor Plans

D. Planning Division Submittal Requirements and Application Review Process

The table and information below provides information on the submittal requirements for different applications as well as the review process.  Fees for each type of application are available online.

Submittal Requirements

Type of ApplicationOnline ApplicationFindingsPreliminary Title Report and/or Grant DeedSite Plan and/or Plan SetApplication FeesDeposit/ Application Fee
Certificate of Compliance X
Conditional Use PermitXXXXX$1200
County Code AmendmentXXXXX$1500
General Plan AmendmentXXX
Lot Line Adjustment/ Parcel MergerX
Markleeville Design ReviewX
Record of SurveyX
Residential Short-Term Rental (STR)X

Sign X

XX ℹ - Alpine County Code 18.74 - Sign Regulations
Special EventX


#Participants and/or Spectators) 

  • 76-100: $40 
  • 101-250: $75 
  • 251-500 :$175 
  • 501+: $500 for profit, $250 non-profit
  • Separate County Facility use may apply 
Tentative Parcel or Subdivision MapXXX

Special Event Application Checklist, Supplemental Documents

If Applicable.

  1. Property owner’s written authorization to proceed with the project. This can be in the form of the owner’s signature on the application form, or a separate letter of authorization.
  2. Written description of the proposed event including the proposed location(s), types of activities, duration and hours of activities, and general description of the event location(s). 
  3. Written description of security and public safety for the event including use of both private security and public agencies such as County Sheriff and California Highway Patrol, locations and hours on duty 
  4. Written description of emergency medical services to be utilized including types and number personnel, locations and hours on duty
  5. Written description of other necessary services including, but not limited to, sanitation garbage disposal, recycling and transportation (shuttles) and other event support service 
  6. Vicinity map showing the location(s) of the property where the event will be located and the location of surrounding properties, public roads, public trails and other improvements. 
  7. Special Event Specific Site plan and/or map , legibly and accurately drawn to scale, showing the location of the all of the following items if applicable to the proposed event:
    1.  property boundaries 
    2. all proposed activities 
    3. vehicle and pedestrian access routes into and within the event site, including emergency access
    4. parking areas, including all off site parking
    5. shuttle routes including all stops and drop off locations 
    6. buildings or structures to be utilized (including portable or temporary facilities)
    7.  street closures (if any)
    8.  travel routes and mode of transportation if the event includes such activities 
    9. vendor areas, including food and beverage service • emergency medical facilities
    10. fire protection equipment, including portable water supplies if applicable
    11.  water and sanitary facilities (water supplies, toilets, hand washing stations and portable showers) 
    12. garbage disposal and recycling areas •
    13. camping areas
    14. event signs
    15. any other facilities and/or activity areas associated with the event
  8. Insurance Certificate Endorsement naming the County of Alpine, its officers, agents and employees as additionally insured. 
  9. Proof of liability insurance in the amount of $1,000,000. 


Application Review Process

Type of Application15 Day Completeness ReviewPublic Notice/ Property Owner NoticingMarkleeville Design ReviewPlanning Commission
Board of Supervisors
Certificate of ComplianceX

Conditional Use PermitXX
XOn Appeal
County Code AmendmentXX
General Plan AmendmentXX
Lot Line Adjustment/ Parcel MergerXX

Markleeville Design ReviewXXXOn Appeal
Record of SurveyX

Residential Short-Term RentalX


Special EventX

* if 500+ person eventOn Appeal
Tentative Parcel MapXX
Subdivision MapXX
XOn Appeal

* For Tentative Parcel Maps more than 2 lots.