Alpine County Historical Society

We welcome you to our county and hope you will enjoy our wonderful museum!

The museum was built in 1971 and contains many exhibits highlighting Alpine County history. We feature an old country general store, a working stamp mill, and an old-time blacksmith shop. On display are exhibits of Washoe Indian basketry, clothing, rocks, and minerals and more. Displays also feature information and artifacts of local mountain man Monte Wolfe, artist Walt Monroe, Snowshoe Thompson and the early days of Silver Mountain City. 

The Alpine County Historical Society was founded in 1963 and continues its work today preserving Alpine County's fascinating history.

Our rich cultural heritage includes not only the artifacts on display here at the museum but also many sites of historic significance found throughout the area, prehistoric sites to cemeteries, the evidence of the early mining camps and settlements. 

We encourage you to join the Alpine County Historical Society. Your donation or membership will assist us in continuing our work of conservation and protection.

Alpine County Historical Society's mission statement:

            To preserve forever the rich cultural heritage of Alpine County and the surrounding Eastern Sierra Nevada area.                                                           Preserving the past and educating the present to preserve the future.

                                                           Alpine County Historical Society Board Members

President:  Tom Sweeney                                 Vice President: Rick Dustman                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Secretary:    Teola Tremayne                              Treasurer:    Marilyn Kolpacoff