Pile Burning Operations


Status : Pile Burning west of Markleeville on February 28

Pile burning will commence in the large parcel west of Markleeville on Wednesday February 28. This burning operation is taking advantage of the weather window prior to the end of the week storm to bring ventilation and precipitation. Smoke impacts should be minimal. Please be careful as there will be a number of fire personnel in the area to conduct the operation. We would like to express our appreciation to the residents and public who have been very supportive during the operation. 

Should you have any questions or concerns, please contact Clint Celio, Alpine County Wildfire Project Coordinator at ccelio@alpinecountyca.gov or (775)-720-6534. 


As part of the larger Tamarack Fire restoration process, disposal of the limbs, tops, and woody debris from trees requires pile burning. Over the course of the summer many piles have been created in the burned area in preparation for this effort. The cooler, wetter conditions of fall and early winter provide an opportunity to conduct this pile burning safely. Pile burning is one of the last steps before or during seeding operations to help reduce the amount of dead material in the forest and provide nutrients for regeneration.

Burning will occur on private lands which have recently received treatments. Burning will also occur on USFS lands later in the season. Please avoid these areas during operations for the safety of the public and the crews conducting the operations. Should you wish to learn more about the burning process and operation, please reach out to the contact below.

During the next few weeks, burning operations will commence around the Markleevillage and Markleeville communities. These operations will be conducted to maximize safety and minimize smoke impacts to the community. The fuels crew from the Tahoe Douglas Fire Protection District in concert with the Eastern Alpine Fire Department and NV Environmental will all be working together to accomplish this operation. A burn plan has been developed to ensure the safe and effective execution of this operation. The plan has been developed in coordination with the USFS and CALFIRE.

Smoke management is an important consideration of the burning activities. Every effort will be made to minimize the impacts of smoke on the community. The necessary permits have been obtained from the Great Basin Air Quality Board and a smoke management plan developed to address potential smoke impacts.

Residents will notice light smoke in the area which will likely linger into the night and early morning as piles are allowed to burn completely. Fire and contract personnel will be in the area monitoring the piles and smoke accumulation. Signs will be posted around the community letting residents know operations are underway. Your patience and cooperation with these activities is appreciated.

Should you have any questions or concerns, please contact Clint Celio, Alpine County Wildfire Project Coordinator at ccelio@alpinecountyca.gov or (775)-720-6534.