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Assessor information

The Assessor's Office does not publish property information such as values or ownership on this website due to the restraints of Government Code 6254.21. Some information is available from third party websites or you can search and view information at our public kiosk in the Administration building. 

From our site, you can search the Recorders official records from 1986 to current. Images after June 2007 can be downloaded at time of purchase. We can email you images from prior to July 2007 after they have been purchased. In addition to the official records, you can purchase APN and Recorded Maps on this site.

There is a minimum of an additional $2.00 fee added to the regular cost of the documents for any purchase made with a credit card.

Search for maps or recorded documents online 

Documents recorded prior to 1986 can be searched and viewed at our public counter. Copies of any recorded document can be purchased at our public counter. All sales are final.