Development Standards

Official Alpine County Development Standards

Adopted October 7, 2014 Board of Supervisors Resolution #2014-54 

The purpose of this manual is to establish design, construction, and maintenance standards for public and private works under the jurisdiction of Alpine County and are in addition to the requirements contained in the Alpine County Subdivision Code.  


The standards apply to the design and preparation of plans for, and the construction and maintenance of collectors, roads, streets, lanes, driveways, bikeways, walkways, trails, parking lots, drainage systems, water supply systems, sewerage systems, bridges, and other facilities related to land development.

 They do not apply to the activities, structures, and facilities under the purview of the  County Health Officer who, pursuant to the County code, has jurisdiction over sewer and water systems, unless that official includes them in other permits typically issued. See also Section 9.00 for additional exceptions.

 These standards supplement, but do not replace, standards included as part of Specific Plans adopted by the County, such as Kirkwood Specific Plan.